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Graffiti at Antioch College


It seems like an eternity ago, but earlier this spring I took a long walk around Yellow Springs with my Holga and some Fuji 100 film. I walked around the Antioch College campus mostly. It’s a photogenic place, with lots of surprises.

I love to see the latest art the wall. It changes all the time and it’s usually pretty darned good.


I’ve never seen the “Before I Die” wall before. I love the idea!

And finally, I walked past the Antioch Volunteer Workshop building. I love the graffiti on the two garage doors.


Ykaterina, My Beautiful Cat-Sister

Back in August 2015 my Mom and I stopped by the pet store to pick up some cat food for my boys. My parents lost their sweet Sam Williams not long before and they were on the fence about adopting another cat. They thought they were too old. What if they die before the cat? Who will take care of the animals? (Duh! Me!!)

I can’t stand coming home to an empty house. I love my cats and I inherited that love of animals from my parents. Mom was feeling sad that there wasn’t a cat prowling the house anymore.

We went to the back of the store to see the adoptable kitties and she saw Dorothy, a sleek black housepanther, and asked to meet her. (Well, I really pushed Mom to meet her.) Dorothy had been waiting for her forever home for almost three months. We went into the little room to spend time with her and she was fantastic! Cool and collected with all the chaos going on around her, she played with some toys, caught a spider, and enjoyed being held. She even purred! Mom adopted her on the spot.

Dorothy got a new home that day and a new name: Ykaterina. I call her Y-Kat. My parents call her Katie. She fit in immediately in her new home and gets along with Garrett the chocolate lab. I’m so glad my Mom adopted her that day. Katie is playful, energetic, ornery, snuggly, and oh so silly. She’s a great cat and she deserves a great home.

Light Leak-O-Rama

It would seem that my newest Holga has some light leak issues. Fat roll anyone?

These are from my 2016 52-Rolls With a Holga project. You can find the whole roll in all its light-leaky glory on Flickr.

The Art of Mail

I was perusing the internet last month and came across the Write_On Challenge, an event where people write 30 letters in 30 days in April. Turns out Write_On “is a campaign to promote joy, creativity, expression, and connection through hand-written correspondence.” I can get behind that! Who doesn’t enjoy receiving REAL mail in their mailbox?

Write More Letters

Sadly I only managed to send out a couple of handwritten notes during the month of April. The good news is that I got myself an old manual typewriter and I’ve been writing with quite a bit. (My husband always asks if I’m writing some kind of crazy-person manifesto on it. Hah!) So far my recipients are enjoying my notes. Or possibly they’re just humoring me.

I'm officially a member of the Letter Writers Alliance
I’m officially a member of the Letter Writers Alliance! Woo hoo!

Write_On led me to the Letter Writers Alliance, and I had to join! At $5 for a lifetime membership how could I resist? There I discovered people doing really fun and interesting stuff with mail. The blog includes lots of interesting history about stamps, the postal service, and letter writing in general. They have a quarterly book club and a bunch of free downloads, as well as a pen-pal program to connect members who want to correspond with each other. When I look at all the cool activities they offer, like letter-writing socials, I feel a pang of jealousy. I’d love to have something like that around here.

The LWA led me down the rabbit hole of mail art. I checked out Kelsey Projects’ The DIG Mail Art Exhibition @ The Miami Township Branch Library. It was a fun little show. I’m fascinated by the things people send through the mail and how the scuffs and stamps become part of the piece. And I love seeing what local artists are doing. It’s very encouraging!

There’s a film available online for free called “Making Mail” and I highly recommend it. The movie features a variety of mail artists who talk about their work and why they do what they do.



A Sunny Winter Day

We’ve had a few sunny days this winter. There hasn’t been too much snow.


Naughty Squirrel

Truman (and his brothers) love to follow those sun patches around the house.