More From the Great Minnesota Get-Together

I’ve got a few more photos from the 2014 Great Minnesota Get-Together to share. I have to say I was blown away by the size of the fair. So many things to see and do — and eat! So many things on a stick! Even hotdish.

Hotdish on a Stick
Hotdish on a Stick

We only went once, but I can see how you need to go multiple times to see and do everything.

Check out my previous post about the fair: The 2014 Minnesota State Fair, Part One.

The 2014 Minnesota State Fair, Part One

Fairchild the Gopher - photo by Susan Stayer
Fairchild the Gopher welcomes you to the 2014 Great Minnesota Get-Together

We went to The Great Minnesota Get-Together for the first time! I’d been to the Ohio State Fair a long time ago, and that seemed pretty big, but the Minnesota State Fair is HUGE! In fact, it’s the largest state fair in the U.S. by average daily attendance.

We had a great time! I shot three rolls of film there. Here are some highlights from the first of those rolls:

Flags and Flare - photo by Susan Stayer
Flags and flare


Is that a hot pink muumuu? - photo by Susan Stayer
Is that a hot pink muumuu?


Giant Sugar Beets - photo by Susan Stayer
Giant Sugar Beets

All of the photos from this roll on are Flickr in the Roll 28 album.

Around the Yard, Around the House

I enjoy wandering around the yard with a camera. I like to see how things change over the course of the seasons. We’ve only been here in Minnesota for six months, but the yard has changed a lot in that time.

I don’t know the names of most of the plants in the yard of the house we’re renting. But I love the way they look. These photos are from the peak blooming time this summer.

Of course there’s lots of exciting things happening inside the house while I take pictures outside. Here’s an example:


Truman and Howie

These are from Roll 26 of my 2014 52-Rolls Project. The rest of the photos from this roll are on Flickr in the Roll 26 album.