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Month: July 2011

From the Shenandoah Mountains to Cape Cod

I spent the July Fourth weekend in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains again this year. Our friend has a house there and it’s one of my favorite places to spend time.

There’s an old farmhouse on the property and it’s so much fun to photograph. I feel like I can never do it justice.

old farmhouse

In other news, I’m finally back in the studio working on some encaustic painting. The Fifth International Encaustic Conference I attended the first weekend in June In Provincetown, Massachusetts, recharged my waxy batteries and gave me lots of cool ideas to think about.

I enjoyed the talks I attended at the conference, too. “Taking The Leap” by Jhina Alvarado was all about selling yourself as an artist and getting work into galleries. Tania Wycherley gave a presentation on Advanced Image Transfer that was terrific. She demonstrated how she divides images up in Photoshop so she can transfer larger images to a prepared encaustic surface.

I left Cape Cod champing  at the bit to try out some of the techniques I saw. The Old Farmhouse photograph is one of the images I’m going to use in an image transfer.

So, back to work I go.


(Sub) Urban Knitting: A Tree Cosy Commission

I stopped in Ohio to visit my family on the way to and from the Fields Project in Illinois. My Mom saved an article from the local paper about yarnbombing. She really liked the idea and so she commissioned me to knit a cosy for a tree in the front yard.

The neighbors are completely baffled by the whole thing. Just about everyone asked, “What’s the purpose?” My parents just laugh. Guess that’s where I get my nutty sense of humor.

I’ve got a couple other pieces in the works for my parents house and hope to have them finished and installed by mid-September.

All the photos from the front-yard tree cosy commission are at Knits da bomb, a set on Flickr.

Till the Cows Come Home

Till the Cows Come Home


And me too!

I just returned home after spending nine glorious days participating in the 2011 Fields Project in Oregon, Illinois.

On the first morning I was there, a few cows from a neighboring farm came by to say hello. Elsie Richolson, my host, called the cows’ owner and then shooed them back toward their home.

At the Fields Project Art Show on June 26th I was interviewed by Chris Johnson, a reporter and photographer from the Ogle County News. Here’s the story: Unique Art Created During Fields Project.

And here’s a link a Flickr set where you’ll find more photos from my time in Illinois. These are some of the ones I took of Grant, Kaitlin, and a few of their critters.