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Month: September 2011

The Five Ws

the Five Ws

I spent half a day wandering around the Oregon District in downtown Dayton, Ohio, last week. It was the perfect fall day: sunny and cool. I carried several cameras with me, as usual, and shot both of these images that day. Peep

I had lunch at Blind Bob’s, browsed the Goodwill Store, checked out a few galleries, and had a coffee. A perfect afternoon! Oh, and I passed on the peep show.

Yarnbombing for Ma & Pa

You may (or may not!) know that I’m an avid knitter and even enjoy spinning from time to time. My parents commissioned a couple of yarnbombing projects and I finished them while I was visiting last week. Previously my Mom commissioned a tree cosy for the front yard.

This time I knit a cosy for Mom’s cane, Charlie.

Charlie the Cane with Cosy

I made a cosy for the tree in the backyard we call Waldo (aka Kissy Face).

Waldo (aka Kissy Face)

The third yarnbomb was installed on the front porch of the house:

Ma with Charlie the Cane and yarnbomb

The cane cosy was a spur-of-the-moment project, but the tree and the flowers and vines were in the works for awhile. The cane cosy generates lots of comments starting with A Wool Gathering, the annual sheep and wool festival in Yellow Springs, Ohio, that Mom and I attended right after I made the cosy.