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Month: November 2011

All That Jazz

All That Jazz - mixed media by Susan Stayer

Mixed media photograph, 16 x 20 inches
© 2011 Susan Stayer

Jazz and I had a nice conversation about her life on the farm. I photographed Jazz and some of her more curious friends during a farm visit last June while I was in Illinois for The Fields Project.

Found Film in a Brownie Turned Into Photoencaustic Art

Last summer I was in a thrift store in Ohio when I found a Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera. I had to have it — it still had film in it!

I developed and scanned the film and these are the photos I found:








I made the two exposures that turned out the best into photo encaustic pieces. Each image was printed on a laser printer and transferred onto a cradled board coated with clear encaustic medium. I enhanced the transfers with oil pastel, watercolor, and encaustic paint.

Here are the two finished photoencaustic works:

Mists of Time I - photoencaustic by Susan Stayer

Mists of Time II - photoencaustic by Susan Stayer