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Month: November 2013

Spooky! My 600 on a 600 Project Submission

Awhile back I signed on to contribute to a project over at Snap It | See It. It’s called 600 on a 600, and involves three Polaroid 600 cameras being sent around the world. Each photographer shoots one pack of Impossible Project film and them submits all eight photos to Snap It | See It.

When I got the camera, I popped in a pack of The Impossible Project’s new silver frame edition film and went for a walk. It was just after Halloween and there were a lot of decorations out.

I’m happy with the results. All eight are on Flickr in the 600 on a 600 Submission set. Check out the post on Snap It | See It — the Polaroid 600 cameras are circling the globe and the resulting photos are fantastic.

An Old Roll of Film

I have a lot of cameras. I mean A LOT of cameras. So it’s no surprise that I sometimes find rolls of film half exposed in cameras I haven’t used for awhile. This is one of those rolls.

These photos are from Canberra, Australia, where I lived from late 2006 through mid-2009.

I do love those gum trees!