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Month: February 2014


Wendell and I went to Portland, Maine, for a few days. It was part of our “retirement reconnaissance” tour. I mentioned to a friend that we were going to Portland and she said that she had been there before and was blown away by the number of places selling fudge.

I found this amusing so I snapped a photo whenever I saw a place with fudge for sale. Naturally I sent the photos to my friend as I took them.

Here’s to fudge!

Early Morning in Downtown Washington, DC

Say hello to photos from Roll Number 1 of my 2014 52-Rolls Project!

For this roll I used some Agfa APX 100 black and white print film, and boy is it gorgeous! I’ve got a small stash of it and I’m looking forward to shooting with it again.

The photos on this roll were taken before and after an early-morning dentist appointment I had in Foggy Bottom. And it was foggy. After my appointment I walked around a bit. I came across The Daguerre Monument at the National Portrait Gallery. I had no idea this monument existed.

I also walked through Chinatown. I hadn’t been there for ages and the whole area has changed so much.

The fog was lifting and I continued on to the Mall, pausing at the Smithsonian Castle before getting on the Metro for the ride home.


All of the photos from this roll are on Flickr in the Roll 1 set if you’d like to take a peek.

P.S. No cavities!