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Month: June 2014


This is my first summer in Minnesota and I’m enjoying the long days. There’s been a lot more rain than I expected, and even though there’ve been hot, sunny days, the humidity is nothing like what we experienced in Arlington. There’s actually air to breathe here!

I can’t help wondering about winter though….

The XA Files: Minneapolis

I’ve decided to create a special category here on the blog called “The XA Files” for photos and blog posts related to the Olympus XA camera. Quite a few 52-Rolls Project gang members shoot with the XA and after seeing lots of inspiring photos, I picked one up at KEH. I’m still getting the hang of it, but so far I’m enjoying it, although I still prefer my Lomo LC-A.

Wendell and I went to the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis to see “Finding Vivian Maier.” I took the XA with me and shot a few frames outside the theater.

This roll is number 13 of this year’s 52-Rolls Project. I have no idea what film I used! (See my post about making notes.) There’s no information on the negatives either.

The rest of the frames are on Flickr in the Roll 13/2014 52-Rolls Project album.



I’m Too Lazy To Make Notes

Over the years I’ve picked up quite a few cheap, plastic point-and-shoot panorama cameras. I usually run a roll through a Lomography Fisheye camera and then run it through a panorama camera. I love the way the double exposures blend together to create a an interesting image.

Everywhere at Once




Well, this is what I had in mind when I shot this roll through the panorama camera. But because I’m too lazy to make notes, I managed to get mixed up and send the roll to the lab before I ran it through the fisheye camera. Duh!

I can never seem to remember which film I have in what camera, how many exposures the roll has, what I was shooting and when, etc. With the last couple of rolls I’ve loaded, I’ve written notes on FrogTape and stuck it on the bottom or back of the camera. You know, I have a bazillion little notebooks around the house and always have one in my bag, so there’s really no excuse for not writing stuff down.

This is roll 12 of my 52-Rolls Project. The rest of photos from the roll are in the Roll 12/52-Rolls Project album on Flickr.


Snow on the Fat Roll

These photos are from Roll 11 of this year’s 52-Rolls Project. Yes, I’m woefully behind. But I’m still enjoying using my cameras and shooting film. Isn’t that what really matters?

To be honest I knew this year would be more difficult than last year. I used the Film Photography Project’s Plastic Filmtastic Debonair for the 2013 52-Rolls Project and each roll with a Debonair gives you 16 frames. That’s a heck of a lot easier than 36. Or the 72 I have in a couple of different half-frame cameras. I’ve been working on those rolls forever!

I shot this roll shortly after we had snow in Arlington this past winter. I love the reflections on the surface of Poplar Pond. And I finally took a photo of that crazy looking tree stump along the trail. The bottom photo is of my beloved Pip, the most fun car ever. I miss him.

All the photos from Roll 11 are on Flickr if you’re interested in more light-leaky fun!

Bloomington Revisited

Back in January of this year I went to Bloomington, Indiana, to do what I’ve been calling a “reconnaissance mission”: spend a few days checking a place out to see if we might want to live there. Previous trips took us to Portland, Maine; Anchorage, Alaska; Madison, Wisconsin; Missoula, Montana; and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. (Lots of Ms in there, I know!)

In Bloomington I shot a couple of rolls of Rollei Crossbird film in a vintage Diana camera. Here are some of the highlights from those two roll:

All the photos from both Roll 5 and Roll 10 are on Flickr if you’d like to take a look. And be sure to check out the 52-Rolls Project blog to see what my colleagues are up to.