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Month: September 2014

A Visit to Fort Alexandria, MN

Big Ole - photo by Susan Stayer

In an earlier post I shared photos of Big Ole. At 28 feet, he’s Alexandria, Minnesota’s tallest resident. Across the street from Big Ole is The Runestone Museum and Fort Alexandria. According to the brochure I picked up, the museum is “dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Douglas County.”

Fort Alexandria is almost an exact replica of the old stockade built in 1862 by the Eighth Regular Infantry under the orders of the governor of Minnesota. The original fort was two blocks from the current location.

The fort was the center of social and commercial activity for the entire region, and as the population grew, the fort expanded to include a general store, a church, a school, a blacksmith shop, a wash house, and a smokehouse.





Nowadays visitors can wander freely through the buildings.

This roll is part of my 2014 52-Rolls Project. All of the photos from this roll, my 23rd, are on Flickr in the Roll 23 album.


Yarnbombing Makes the Neighborhood a Little More Cozy

I’m a big fan of street art, and I absolutely LOVE yarnbombing. I’ve even written about it before here on the blog: (Sub) Urban Knitting: A Tree Cosy Commission and Yarnbombing for Ma & Pa.

Well, I could hardly contain my excitement last Thursday when I saw that a fun and colorful yarnbombing installation appeared in my neighborhood in South Saint Paul, Minnesota. The cozies cover 11 ugly wood bollards that are supposed to prevent drivers from cutting through a closed-off end of the street. They look great!

According to small tags attached to the yarnbombs, the cozies were created by Zsa Zsa. More of her yarnbombing work can be seen on z-squared, and she’s on Twitter, too, @GuerillaKnitter.