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Category: Film Photography

Graffiti at Antioch College


It seems like an eternity ago, but earlier this spring I took a long walk around Yellow Springs with my Holga and some Fuji 100 film. I walked around the Antioch College campus mostly. It’s a photogenic place, with lots of surprises.

I love to see the latest art the wall. It changes all the time and it’s usually pretty darned good.


I’ve never seen the “Before I Die” wall before. I love the idea!

And finally, I walked past the Antioch Volunteer Workshop building. I love the graffiti on the two garage doors.


Light Leak-O-Rama

It would seem that my newest Holga has some light leak issues. Fat roll anyone?

These are from my 2016 52-Rolls With a Holga project. You can find the whole roll in all its light-leaky glory on Flickr.

A Sunny Winter Day

We’ve had a few sunny days this winter. There hasn’t been too much snow.


Naughty Squirrel

Truman (and his brothers) love to follow those sun patches around the house.


A Camera That’s Been in the Family Goes to Ye Olde Trail Tavern

My mother-in-law was cleaning out and found an old Kodak Brownie 44A. These plastic cameras are from around 1960 and they take 127 roll film. The one she gave me looks like it was used well. I asked if she knew more about it or if there are any photographs around from it. Sadly she didn’t.

I happened to have some fresh Rerapan 127 film in my stash and thought I’d give it a try. I ended up with one halfway decent photo from the roll:

Ye Olde Trail Tavern

Yeah, I know. It’s a 100 ISO film and it was overcast and the sun was going down. I loaded another roll into the 44A and will try again on a sunny day.

Ye Olde Trail Tavern is an interesting place. It’s located in downtown Yellow Springs, Ohio, and the original section of the tavern was the first home built in Yellow Springs in 1827. At that time Yellow Springs was known as Forest Village. It was expanded and functioned as a bakery and then a tavern serving the stagecoach that ran between Columbus and Cincinnati. Some believe it to be the oldest tavern in Ohio. And some believe that it’s haunted by two separate apparitions.

Haunted or not, it does have a cool neon sign out front!

Finally! Some Halfway Decent Photos From a Plastic 110 Camera

I loved my 110 camera when I was a kid — not that I even remember what camera it was. Now that I’m supposedly an adult, I’ve tried a few different 110 cameras and ended up really liking the white plastic Ikimono 110 that I picked up from the Film Photography Project’s store. I like it way better than the Pentax 110 I had briefly!

I have one of those tiny qpöbby cameras (the Ikimono Bumble Bee) and it’s insanely difficult to know if you’ve got your subject in front of the lens. I managed to eke out three photos from a couple of rolls I took with it:


Kerry on the Cliff Walk, Newport RI

Kerry on the Cliff Walk, Newport RI

Here are a few photos from a walk I took around Yellow Springs, Ohio, with the Ikimono 110. You can see the entire roll in my Flickr photostream.