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Finally! Some Halfway Decent Photos From a Plastic 110 Camera

I loved my 110 camera when I was a kid — not that I even remember what camera it was. Now that I’m supposedly an adult, I’ve tried a few different 110 cameras and ended up really liking the white plastic Ikimono 110 that I picked up from the Film Photography Project’s store. I like it way better than the Pentax 110 I had briefly!

I have one of those tiny qpöbby cameras (the Ikimono Bumble Bee) and it’s insanely difficult to know if you’ve got your subject in front of the lens. I managed to eke out three photos from a couple of rolls I took with it:


Kerry on the Cliff Walk, Newport RI

Kerry on the Cliff Walk, Newport RI

Here are a few photos from a walk I took around Yellow Springs, Ohio, with the Ikimono 110. You can see the entire roll in my Flickr photostream.










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