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Who the heck is Susan?

I’m passionate about photography, especially film photography.

I love yarnbombing. I also love knitting and spinning.

I bake sourdough bread from scratch once a week.

Susan and Friends (Photo by Judy Clune)

Photography is my first love when it comes to artistic media. I’ve been at it for ages, starting with that ubiquitous Kodak Brownie.

I had two favorite subjects when I was starting out as a photographer: the family cat and my younger sister. Keep in mind I was about seven years old.

Every time I snapped a photo of my sister, she’d run screaming, “Mmmooooooommm!! Susan’s taking pictures of me!” I don’t remember getting into any real trouble. “Leave your sister alone,” was the usual answer.

More often I pointed the camera at the family cat. Once, after getting prints back from the photo lab, my mom said, “I’m not going to keep paying for the film and developing if all you’re going to take pictures of is the cat.”  Years later, after seeing my pet portraits, she apologized and said she was glad I took so many cat pictures.

My early photographic explorations weren’t limited to just my sister and the cat. I was the “official family photographer” and I documented holidays and special events. Now when I go home to visit my parents, they’ll sometimes ask me to photograph something for them – the dog at the dog park, Christmas lights, etc. And of course I’m happy to do it.


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