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Where, Oh Where Has This Little Girl Gone?

Today I’m back in the studio working on a couple of photo encaustic pieces. This one is on Ampersand Claybord and I have to let it cool down a bit before continuing. I figured it was the perfect time to snap a photo and put it up on the blog.

I started with this old photograph:

girl in hat original

She was part of a small lot of old photos I bought late last year. Most of the photos were from Germany and this little girl showed up in two of the ones I bought. This particular photo had writing on the back. (I don’t know any German, so I have no idea what it says. Any translators out there?)

back of photo

This is the other photo with the same little girl:

girl with hat at beach

I wonder where she is now?

Here’s the “encausticated” version of the photo. It’s still in progress, but you can get an idea of what I’m working on.


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