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Garnet Ghost Town

I was in Missoula, Montana, last year for a photography workshop at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. We were so busy during that week I didn’t have a chance to explore the area as much as I would’ve liked.

Last week I headed back to Missoula with Wendell to have a look around. In reading up on Missoula and that part of Montana, I discovered¬†Garnet Ghost Town:¬†“Montana’s Best-Preserved Ghost Town.” And it IS very well preserved.

There are two routes that’ll get you there from Missoula, and one of them is a heck of a lot easier than the other, something we found out the hard way.

Once you arrive, you walk down the path toward the town, which sits below the parking area. There’s a self-guided tour of the buildings that are still standing, and the setting is beautiful. The Well’s Hotel is particularly interesting because of the peeling wallpaper, decrepit furniture, old beds, and other objects inside. It’s difficult to imagine living and working in that little town, mining the gold and enduring so much hardship.

If you’re ever in the area, Garnet Ghost Town is definitely worth the visit. Just be sure to take the easy road.