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Tag: fat roll

Light Leak-O-Rama

It would seem that my newest Holga has some light leak issues. Fat roll anyone?

These are from my 2016 52-Rolls With a Holga project. You can find the whole roll in all its light-leaky glory on Flickr.

Snow on the Fat Roll

These photos are from Roll 11 of this year’s 52-Rolls Project. Yes, I’m woefully behind. But I’m still enjoying using my cameras and shooting film.¬†Isn’t that what really matters?

To be honest I knew this year would be more difficult than last year. I used the Film Photography Project’s Plastic Filmtastic Debonair for the 2013 52-Rolls Project and each roll with a Debonair gives you 16 frames. That’s a heck of a lot easier than 36. Or the 72 I have in a couple of different half-frame cameras. I’ve been working on those rolls forever!

I shot this roll shortly after we had snow in Arlington this past winter. I love the reflections on the surface of Poplar Pond. And I finally took a photo of that crazy looking tree stump along the trail. The bottom photo is of my beloved Pip, the most fun car ever. I miss him.

All the photos from Roll 11 are on Flickr if you’re interested in more light-leaky fun!

Retirement Reconnaissance Trip No. 5: Bloomington, Indiana

Back in February I flew to Indianapolis, Indiana, and then drove to Bloomington, home of Indiana University. I was on what I call a “retirement reconnaissance mission.”

We’ve done a few of these trips now (Madison, WI; Portland, ME; the Twin Cities, MN; Pittsburgh, PA) and Bloomington was the final one. This time I went by myself, which meant that I could fool around with film and cameras as much as I liked without worrying that I was holding things up.


These photos are from my wanderings around downtown Bloomington and the IU campus. To see the entire roll, please visit The 2014 52-Rolls Project: Roll 05 set.

For this roll I used a vintage Diana camera loaded with Rollei Crossbird film. I ALWAYS end up with a fat roll when I use the Diana, but I don’t really mind. In fact, I kind of like it!

Happy World Toy Camera Day 2012

world toy camera day 2012

The photo above is from Provincetown, Massachusetts. I loaded a roll of Konica 220 in my vintage Diana camera for the first time. I didn’t count clicks to advance the film, I just rolled it until I felt like stopping and I ended up with a fat roll and lots of lightleaks. But that’s okay — I don’t mind at all!

Want to know more about fat rolls and how to avoid them? Check out this post on the Smithsonian Studio Arts blog: Fat Film and Light Leaks.