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Tag: garden

Around the Yard, Around the House

I enjoy wandering around the yard with a camera. I like to see how things change over the course of the seasons. We’ve only been here in Minnesota for six months, but the yard has changed a lot in that time.

I don’t know the names of most of the plants in the yard of the house we’re renting. But I love the way they look. These photos are from the peak blooming time this summer.

Of course there’s lots of exciting things happening inside the house while I take pictures outside. Here’s an example:


Truman and Howie

These are from Roll 26 of my 2014 52-Rolls Project. The rest of the photos from this roll are on Flickr in the Roll 26 album.

Holgaroids for Holga Week 2014

Holga Week 2014 may be over, but I’ve still got Holga on my mind! I shot several rolls of film in a couple of Holga cameras and they’re on the way to the lab. In the meantime, here are some Holgaroid photos from around the yard.

Stay tuned. There’ll be more Holga-y goodness when the film comes back from the lab!

When the Irises Were Blooming …

… and before the squirrel ate all of my lettuce!

For roll 14 of my 52-Rolls Project I loaded some Fuji CDU II film in a Canon Elan 7ne and headed outside.  I had it cross processed and the colors went wild!

The irises were beautiful this spring. The purple ones were particularly gorgeous with their velvety texture and rich color. Iris blooms also last a lot longer here in Minnesota than they did in Arlington. I was lucky to get two days out of my poor irises in Virginia.

I had a small pot of red and green leaf lettuces on the deck and every morning the squirrel would sit on the edge of the pot and nibble away at the lettuce. The silly thing would look right in the patio door and eat. And Truman, Howie, and Danny sat there and watched. I think the squirrel understands how screen doors work.

The rest of the roll is on Flickr in the Roll 14 album.