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Tag: kodak brownie hawkeye flash

A Sunny Winter Day

We’ve had a few sunny days this winter. There hasn’t been too much snow.


Naughty Squirrel

Truman (and his brothers) love to follow those sun patches around the house.


Through the Mists of Time

I mentioned before that I have two Kodak Brownie cameras, a Hawkeye and a Hawkeye Flash. I respooled some Kodak Portra 800 onto 620 spools and ran the film through the Brownies. This is my second roll.




It’s also the final roll of my 2014 52-Rolls Project. I made it to 40 rolls in 2013, and this year I got to 41. Not quite 52, but still not too horrible.

I’ll see you again in 2015 for my next attempt at shooting 52 rolls of film!


I have a couple of Kodak Brownie Hawkeye cameras that are in decent shape and I figured I’d load ’em up and see what happens. This is the Hawkeye Flash model I picked up for 25 cents. I used Kodak Portra 800 film that I respooled for use in the cameras.

The Brownie Hawkeye was my first camera and these remind me of all those pictures I took as a kid.

These photos are from Roll 39 of my 2014 52-Rolls Project.