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From the Shenandoah Mountains to Cape Cod

I spent the July Fourth weekend in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains again this year. Our friend has a house there and it’s one of my favorite places to spend time.

There’s an old farmhouse on the property and it’s so much fun to photograph. I feel like I can never do it justice.

old farmhouse

In other news, I’m finally back in the studio working on some encaustic painting. The Fifth International Encaustic Conference I attended the first weekend in June In Provincetown, Massachusetts, recharged my waxy batteries and gave me lots of cool ideas to think about.

I enjoyed the talks I attended at the conference, too. “Taking The Leap” by Jhina Alvarado was all about selling yourself as an artist and getting work into galleries. Tania Wycherley gave a presentation on Advanced Image Transfer that was terrific. She demonstrated how she divides images up in Photoshop so she can transfer larger images to a prepared encaustic surface.

I left Cape Cod champing  at the bit to try out some of the techniques I saw. The Old Farmhouse photograph is one of the images I’m going to use in an image transfer.

So, back to work I go.


One Thing Leads to Another: How I Discovered Encaustic


I recently joined Felicia Touhey for her three-day encaustic painting workshop and now I can say I’m officially in love with encaustic.

My interest in working with encaustic began a couple of months ago when I was in New Bedford, MA, for the first time and came across the Judith Klein Art Gallery. Ms. Klein had a couple of encaustic-over-photo pieces hanging on the wall of her gallery and I liked them very much. (Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the artist.) I’m always looking for interesting new things to do with my photos.

I did some Googling and got a couple of books at the library and decided to give encaustic a try. Luckily, the workshop came along at about the same time.

Which leads me to one of the things I enjoy most about pursuing creative endeavors: I have the chance to see and enjoy other artists’ work, learn from them, and even become friends with them. During the workshop I met sculptors, painters, printmakers, and other photographers. And that’s not even counting all the wonderful people I’ve met online! These kind and talented artists have been completely open to sharing their experiences with a complete beginner like me. I really appreciate their generosity.

The small encaustic piece above started out as a solar print made during a printmaking workshop I did in Australia. I was never all that excited about the print for some reason, but I scanned it and reprinted it on Hosho paper using my inkjet printer. I used it as the basis for this encaustic painting and I like it much better!