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Tag: painting

A Shout Out to My New Artist Friends

I had the opportunity to talk to a group of creative people yesterday and I just want to thank everyone for being so kind.

The group is made up of people looking to become artists and writers after retiring from a long career in a somewhat less creative field. Many said they’re looking forward to taking art classes, working on writing projects, traveling, visiting museums –  all the fun, exciting, and rewarding creative activities they’ve put on the back burner for so many years.

Many thanks to Margie Bauer for organizing the talk. Margie is an amazing person who has lived and worked in places like Zaire and Indonesia. She’s also a watercolor and mixed media artist specializing in tropical flora and fauna.

Passiflora incarnata  Purple Passion Vine by Margie Bauer 20 x 16 in Watercolor on 300 lb Fabriano Soft Press
Passiflora incarnata
Purple Passion Vine
by Margie Bauer
20 x 16 in
Watercolor on 300 lb Fabriano Soft Press

I also enjoyed meeting Kathleen Stafford, the other artist invited to speak to the group. Kathleen has spent many years living and traveling in Africa and paints gorgeous watercolor portraits of African people. She’s also a printmaker and she enjoys making collagraph prints.

Griot/Storyteller by Kathleen Stafford
Griot/Storyteller by Kathleen Stafford

All the best to everyone I met yesterday!

Hot Off the Palette: Two New Photo Encaustic Pieces

Shady Side

Photography is my first love and I enjoy it immensely, but sometimes it’s fun to expand on photography and take it in new directions.

Recently I’ve been working a lot on combining photographs with encaustic. I’ve been printing photos on Hosho paper and then embedding them in clear encaustic medium. I’ve also printed them on watercolor paper and used acrylic gel medium to adhere them to the board before covering the photos with encaustic medium.

Neither of those processes excites me much.

Summer Glow

Then I tried transferring a color laser print of the photo onto the wax surface and fusing it. Called a “water transfer,” in this process the toner becomes part of the layer of wax. After a couple more thin layers of clear encaustic medium, I enhance the piece with watercolors and oil sticks.

Now that’s a LOT more exciting!

So for the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with photo transfers and encaustic. I’m calling them “photo encaustics” for lack of a better term.