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Pinhole Travels: Rhode Island, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois & Minnesota

I was living in Newport, Rhode Island, four years ago when I loaded up a 35mm Vivitar pinhole camera and shot the entire roll around the house. This photo of Truman in the kitchen is from that first roll. The camera is fun and easy to use, I’ve just got so many cameras loaded at the same time!

Truman in the kitchen, Newport, RI
Truman in the kitchen, Newport, RI

The second roll was half exposed when I put the camera on the shelf soon after. I decided to dust it off and finish the roll for this year’s Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Sadly, because of Wendell’s retirement and our relocation to Minnesota, I didn’t finish the roll in time to upload anything to the WPPD website. But this is MY website, so better late than never!

The roll starts in Newport, Rhode Island, in 2010, and comes to an end in South St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2014.

All of the photos from this roll are on Flickr in the Vivitar Pinhole Camera No. 2 album. There are a few more photos from Ohio, and three from the backyard in Arlington, Virginia, so technically the roll covers five states! Also, I wrote a brief blog post about last year’s Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, as well as WPPD 2012.

If you’re interested in the camera, I bought it from Foto Fourteen’s Etsy shop.