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Tag: runestone museum

Hanging With Big Ole in Alexandria, Minnesota

Wendell and I took a drive to Alexandria, Minnesota, to check out the Runestone Museum and Fort Alexandria. And of course see Big Ole!

The Runestone Museum’s website says:

The Kensington Runestone and the enduring mystery of its origin continues to be the hallmark of the Runestone Museum. This intriguing artifact was discovered in 1898, clutched in the roots of an apen tree on the Olof Öhman farm near Kensington, MN (15 miles southwest of Alexandria). The Kensington Runestone has led researchers from around the world and across the centuries on an exhaustive quest to explain how a runic artifact, dated 1362, could show up in North America.

For more information on the stone, check out the museum’s website. The museum includes the “Snorri,” a 40-foot replica of a trans-Atlantic Viking ship.

Big Ole is across the street from the Runestone Museum. He’s 28-feet tall so it’s hard to miss him! He’s got an entry on the RoadsideAmerica website if you’re interested in learning more about him.