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Saying Goodbye to Poplar Pond

I knew the move out of the Washington, D.C., area was coming. I’d lived there off and on for about 27 years. And honestly I was ready to go.

One of the things I’ll miss about living in Arlington is the excellent trail system. And the parks, too. Over the last four years of living there I got to know Glencarlyn Park and the Long Branch Nature Center. I walked through the area at least once a week. These are some of the last photos I took at Poplar Pond.




Time’s Up!

Well, we’ve reached the end of 2013. And that means the end of this year’s 52-Rolls Project.

If you’ve been following along, you might remember that my goal was to shoot 52 rolls of film using one camera: the Debonair. I only got through 40 rolls, but I don’t consider that to be a failure at all. I shot LOTS of other rolls in many other cameras over the course of 2013.

I enjoyed getting to know the Debonair. It’s a great little camera. It’s lightweight and is pretty sweet in the vignette, blur, and light leak departments. I will definitely continue to shoot with it.

Here are some of my favorites from the last few rolls of the project:


So, will I have another go at a 52-Rolls Project in 2014? You’d better believe I will! But the “rules” will be a little bit different from last year:

*For one year, I will shoot a roll of film per week using any camera in my collection. I’m not limiting myself to any one particular camera or film this year.

*The week runs from Sunday to Saturday.

*Each week’s roll will have its own set on my Flickr page and highlights from each week’s roll will be posted here on my blog.

*Once the film has been developed and scanned, the photos will be added to the set and posted on my blog. Obviously there will be a delay between taking the photos and the developing and scanning.

My goal for 52-Rolls in 2014 is to shoot up my film stash, give my cameras a workout, and have fun!

Happy New Year!

P.S. I’m also a member of a group of film-loving photographers hell-bent on shooting 52 rolls of film again in 2014. We’ve got a website dedicated to this project: 52Rolls. Check it out!